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I am a stay at home mom to 4 beautiful children and I have an amazing husband and my family is the most important thing to me in this world. Hope you enjoy my blog! I'll try hard not to be too boring.

Friday, November 24, 2006

Funny Girl....

Cassie to Momma...

"Why is your neck like that?"

"Like what Cassie?"

"Like that..(points to Mommas beautiful but I guess a bit wrinkled neck, I don't see it!!!)"

"Well Momma is getting old."

"Does that mean you are going to the dump?"

"Why would I go to the dump?"

"Daddy says all old things go to the dump."

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

100 Things you probably Don't want to know about me!

Okay....I don't know how this is done but I am going to attempt it...

1.) My husband and kids are the absolute most important thing to me.
2.) I just had tonsil surgery and
3.) lost almost 20 much needed pounds in the process.
4.) I am an extremely loyal friend
5.) but burn me and were done.
6.) I have a brother who is 3 years older than me and I actually love him to death.
7.) If I don't like someone it is hard for me to hide it although I try.
8.) Friends is my all time favourite sitcom
9.) I have watched all 10 seasons repeatedly and
10.) Even replaced Season 9 because one of the CD's was scratched.
11.) I love animals but
12.) I don't want one because
13.) they smell.
14.) One of my all time favourite movies is the Cutting Edge
15.) I own 2 copies.
16.) I read People.com daily for the star gossip.
17.) I love to squeeze black heads, if I know you.
18.) I love, love, love Shepards Pie.
19.) When I go camping I have to have Eggs and bacon McMuffins with hashbrowns at least once.
20.) I love to eat M&M Peanuts and Popcorn together...in the same bag...yummmm...
21.) If my kids don't match it drives me nuts.
22.) I love my in laws. I lucked out and if the hubby and I ever divorce I get them
23.) My hubby and I will never divorce because
24.) I don't give up easily.
25.) I pinch myself everday because I have been so blessed in life.
26.) I am already running out of things to say.
27.) I still have close friends from highschool.
28.) I gave birth, naturally, to two 7 pound baby girls
29.) at the same time, twins, yes
30.) I was a Girl Guide growing up.
31.) I played a goalie once in girl's hockey and
32.) I cried cause I sucked.
33.) I love Steeped Tea from Tim Horton's and
34.) Non-fat, sugar free Hazelnut Latte's from Starbucks
35.) I recently started listening to Country Music.
36.) I like Tom Cruise.
37.) I love playing Spider Solitaire on the computer (thanks Momma)
38.) My step dad and my dad walked me down the aisle at my wedding
39.) I had a bus hired for my wedding because
40.) we had 20 people in our wedding party.
41.) I wanted to serve Turkey at my wedding but
42.) My mom and hubby told me I'd put everybody to sleep and
43.) They were right but
44.) I love turkey
45.) My grandparents call me Turkey.
46.) My favourite restaurant is The Keg
47.) I wanted 6 kids (had 4)
48.) with a nanny to cook and clean so I could play with my kids all day
49.) I used to play the Clarinet in band
50.) I was engaged before I got engaged to my husband
51.) We were highschool sweethearts, together for 7 years
52.) And he's still my friend. I love his wife!
53.) I used to flash people all the time
54.) I love to dance
55.) I think I can dance
56.) I have to read before going to bed at night
57.) I hate seafood
58.) I am a good knee boarder
59.) Well I used to be a good knee boarder
60.) I was named after a lady yelling at her daughter in a store
61.) And my two grandmas
62.) All my kids are named after people we love
63.) I love reality TV
64.) But Grey's Anatomy more
65.) And What About Brian
66.) I love to buy for other people
67.) I tend to spend excessively at Christmas time
68.) I like my feet, cute toes
69.) I like my hair
70.) I always dreamed of living in the country
71.) But it's probably to cold for me
72.) I drive a Blue Yukon Truck which
73.) Hubby wanted to match our boat which
74.) We hardly use.
75.) I have been to Las Vegas twice in a year
76.) I used to smoke, and loved it
77.) Cannot stand smoke now
78.) I love red wine and
79.) Raspberry Vodka with Diet 7-up
80.) Christmas is my favourite time of the year
81.) I grew up in New West and North Delta
82.) I had my first kiss in grade 5
83.) I used to babysit at the neighbours and throw parties
84.) I got caught, and spanked
84.) My last concert was James Blunt and
85.) He was really good
86.) I go to bed at 11 and am up around 8 or 9
87.) I homeschool my daughter and
88.) So far love it
89.) I love pedicures
90.) and massages
91.) I like to wear track outfits
92.) My hair is always in a pony tail
93.) I like Coke and cream soda slurpees, mixed
94.) I love Wendys
95.) Big Bacon Classic Combo with a malt
96.) I am a recycling fanatic
97.) I love getting my feet rubbed, with lotion, before bed
98.) I take off my socks while I'm sleeping and leave them at the bottom of the bed which
99.) drives my husband nuts.
100.) I think my husband is hot.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

baby laughing

SO Adorable!

Friday, November 17, 2006

Where Have I Been You Ask?

I won't be doing much typing...I think..It's been a lovely week...We week of pain, sleep, pain again, and lots and lots of drugs...none of which I am sure are helping. Here's a brief summary for anyone who actually cares...Friday Nov. 10 - 6:30 am - Arrive at hospital, tell hubby she should be done by 1:pm.....8:am surgery time....10:am..wake me up....230pm still in recovery cannot get this patients oxygen levels up..hmm..must be me there talking about...DEEP BREATHES!!! The nurse is yelling at me????!!! I am breathing, not hard enough apparantely..Let's see I have 2 huge supports up my nose and lost a tonsil which according to all of you was crazy for the doctor to do all at once as a tonsillectomy is the most painful adult surgery to have and you're yelling at me? anwyay ...morphine...ahhhhhhhhh....3:pm into recovery......sleep, sleep, more drugs..i think i have to pee...weeeeeeeee..just about fell...okay more drugs....sleep, sleep...It's 7:pm....why am I still here? We need to get the bleeding under control and just make sure your oxygen levels stay okay...alright..feeling some pain, more drugs.....ahhhh.....May have to admitt you..bleedding to much...oh okay....I am seriuolsy in la la land and thinking being admited might be okay if they just keep shooting me with these drugs......8:30..okay the bleeding has slowed we are going to let you go home..if it continues..come back..alrighty..

Next day...WHAT DID THEY DO TO ME? PAIN! PAIN!! Cannot breathe....through mouth, lost my tonsil...holy crap..where's the morphine.!? Tylenol 3's..whatever dude...going to the clinic..hmm...fever 104.1...back to hospital....NOW! more bleeding, and now fever....Awww..hospital...more morphine..love you ppl..and take some of this, and this and come back if you get any worse...

2 hours later..Cannot stop itching..Jay what is that..why can I not stop itching? Hives! Wow, look at your tounge!!! Clinic, allergic reaction to drug..which one? let's try this one..Okay must be it..go home...yes Benedryll much better...take drug...45 mintues later..SERIOUSLY! Wrong drug...back to clinic! Hey here new meds..much better...okay can I start to recover NOW? Sure...5 days in bed, no talking, no eating, no nothing. What happened to all those books Vick gave me? Those movies put together for me? What happnened to my leiusrely week in bed with all this good attention I was gonna get? Whatever, let me sleep...cannot speak..
Day 6..get tubes from nose removed...Holy shit how did those things fit in my nose.....seriously long and wide but yes I can breathe! still can't feel my tongue, burnt beyond belief due to allergic reaction but I can breathe..maybe food now...Yes, jello and chicken broth...nice...Lost 14 lbs!!! sweet! worth it? maybe..Tongue will recover in about a week and both my specialists and family dcotor were amazed that I have healed as nicely as I did considering what happened to me...One doctor reffered it to taking the hottest slice of pizza you can imagine and sticking it directly on your tongue...killing the whole thing....that's what the allergic reaction did, very weird.

Not worth it....It maybe only a week and a half and even though my kids have been here the whole time I miss them soooo much...I cannot believe in a week how much they have changed. Teagan and Jordan are listening, and talking! Talking so much and Cassie and Cameron are just nice little kids. Oh thank you to everyone for everything and all your help but I want my life back now! and I'm sure you want yours back too!
Few more days I should be back at it....now I am enjoying the chill out, play with the kids and sleep when you want part.
I love my kids.

Friday, November 10, 2006

Pee, Puke & Pain..all in that order

I love the feeling of crawling into bed with freshly washed sheets, after a shower and fresh pj's. Oh what a great nights sleep you have. I dreamt about this all day as I washed my sheets, fluffed my comforter and made my bed. The kids are all sound asleep so I have a nice cup of tea and watch Grey's Anatomy and CSI..Time for bed, up the stairs, oh hey..Cameron crawled into my bed..I spot a pull up...on the floor..I throw back the cupboards and nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.............this isn't happening...HUGE wet spot right in the middle of my perfectly clean bed. You little.."Oh yes I know honey it was an accident"..I'm gonna..."It's alright baby let's go and get you cleaned up"...And put your ass back into your bed with of course, your pull up firmly in place because god forbid you actually pee the bed that has the mattress protector on it.

12:30 am ...Hmm...that baby sounded like they might of thrown up...Go check..all is good..just a cough...Whew....but now she is up and fussy..Okay Teagers come with me and have a cuddle..Hey let's go check email...sit down...gag...and...there it is..all over me, her, the chair, the floor..run to the bathroom....on the floor...in the toilet..on her foot...wow...what did you eat? Nasty..okay no problem..bath..we bath...a little gravol...."What's that Tegan, you don't like that thing put up your bum? Yeah I don' t like to be puked on...Let's help eachother kid. I love you baby." The following puke session we made it to the toilet and now my little daughter and I are going to curl up on the livingroom floor on blankets and with our new best friend Mr. Bowl.

Pain you say?..yes cause in 4.5 hours I will be waking to go get my deviated septum repaired as well as a partial tonsillectomy...I am so excited....a week in bed..movies...and straws up my nose to help me breathe as well as the worst pain I have ever felt in my whole life like the last time. Yes the last time when they did the tonsillectomy and felt like leaving some there so I could do it all again! I'd rather birth all of my children again, at the same time and at the weights they are now..Ever had an ADULT tonsillectomy? Trust me, avoid at all costs.

Yet for some reason, I'm still smiling!

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Bragging Rights

One of the things I love about being a parent, and having a blog is I can brag...I can brag about my kids, my husband my life all I want. But..I am not like that..usually...EXCEPT FOR TODAY!!!!!!!!! My girls movie came out..Yes, you heard it the twins were in a movie. A year ago now and although it was a small part they are still in it!!! And let me say they did amazing..The next Olsen twins you say? You never, never know.

The movie, "Little Man"..the picture is..Jordan (or is it Teagan?? Does it really matter? NOOOOOOO) being held by Kerry Washington and Brittany Daniels.

Sunday, November 05, 2006


Jay and I just got back from a night out of dinner at the delicious Keg and the James Blunt concert which surprisingly was an awesome concert. I mean don't get me wrong I love James Blunt but I pretty much thought he was going to be, as he would say "miserable" the whole night but he was extremely entertaining. That and his opening act also very good.
www.starsailor.net is where you can go to hear their music and if James Blunt is coming near you, check him out. Not to shabby.
All I have to do now is get rid of the headache caused by the girl beside me who obviously thought that bathing herself in her perfume would be well recieved by others. Not so much.

Friday, November 03, 2006

Happy Trick or Treat!

Cameron outlasted all the girls with the Trick or Treating..His sayin..."Happy Trick or Treat..I'm Buzz Lightyear."