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I am a stay at home mom to 4 beautiful children and I have an amazing husband and my family is the most important thing to me in this world. Hope you enjoy my blog! I'll try hard not to be too boring.

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Turkey Update!

I have to share this with you all. That turkey, AWESOME! stuffing, AWESOME! Dinner..unbelievable if I do say so myself...We had a great Christmas....A relaxing day of kids playing with their gifts..The kids were spolied, the adults are broke but everyone is happy. And that is all that matters. So anyway back to the dinner..it was great..(Right dad and Connie?) I decided to make Yorkishire puddings with them and here, here's a picture of them. I am going to post the recipe because they are amazing and complete any family meal...I didn't even need dessert! They were it! So enjoy

3 eggs

1 cup milk

1 cup flour

1 tsp. salt

Preheat muffin pan with 1 tsp. oil in bottom of each - 425 F. for 10 mintues. QUICKLY add batter to each, about 1/2 full and return to oven for 20 - 25 mintues. The key is to heat the oil for 10 mintues and to NOT open the oven for at least 20 mintues even if you think they are done cause people they will fall. Fill with gravy and serve...yummmmmmmmmmmy
Hope you all had a great Christmas..Now break out the wine cause it's New Year's baby!

Monday, December 18, 2006

Turkey You Ask?

I am cooking Christmas dinner this year and today I found the best thing ever!!! I am so excited...And I was a bit worried I wouldn't get one but I did...and I can't wait...What am I talking about you ask? The pre-stuffed, cook from frozen BUTTERBALL Turkey!!!!!!! I mean, seriously thank you for making my dinner just that much easier. Who comes up with this stuff? I bet they are millionaires. I wish I was that brilliant. I don't care what you nay sayers say...I have 4 kids, it's christmas and I want Turkey without all the work...If I had it my way we'd eat on paper plates with plastic utensils to cut down on my cleaning time so I can have more wine time but that's what the dishwashers are for so glassware we shall have. I really do love Christmas....I love shopping for everyone, watching the kids open the presents, visit with family members, Christmas parties and all the stuff that goes along with it. However when it is all said and done I'm ready to move on to the next year...The birthdays, THE SUN, the vacations and everything in between. In the meantime I am off to enjoy our awesome holiday so MERRY HO HO ALL!! Hope you all enjoy it and stay safe. Oh and enjoy the Turkey, it's the best part.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

A Parent's Nightmare

My poor Jordan. She had a slight fever on Sunday but was in a good mood, I thought, teething as she doesn't do the greatest with it...By Monday her fever had hit 104...so to the doctors we go and they can't find anything..They send us home and tell us to watch her fever and work at controlling that and if it was still high in 24 hours, come back...8:30 pm she wakes up.....Fever 104.7..I am convinced by this time we need to go to the hospital and I said to Jay that if her fever isn't okay in the next 1/2 hour or so I'm taking her. Give her tylenol, she drinks some water..I sit down to cuddle with her and she starts to seizure....The absolute scariest moment of my life. There is nothing worse then seeing your child go through anything, especially this...We called 911 and Jordan took her first ride in an ambulance, mine too for that matter. She was such a troper as they poked and poked and shoved things in places we don't like and restrained her as they took her X-ray....It took awhile to get her fever down, and thank god it wasn't anything serious. Still not sure what caused the high fever, they think maybe her tonsils...Poor kid....We all know where she got her tonsil problems from. Thanks Vick, for being here....you made it here in record time, I'm still amazed...Thanks Momma for coming and spending the night and taking care of us, again. And thank you Jay...without you I would have fallen absolutely apart....You amaze me... Everything is good now.....And Jordan is getting back to her old self....We love you baby!

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Driving Me NUTS!

I just pulled out my dark clothes from the dryer and what do I see? What looks like grease stains all over my clothes. !@%* Driving me nuts! What's the problem you wonder? The problem is the last couple of years I have been doing laundry out comes my clothes with these stains on them. The stains aren't there when they go in so why are they there when they come out? I have tried....powdered detergent, liquid detergent, dryer sheets, liquid softener, we have even bought a new washer and dryer because I was convinced it was the old ones..Which weren't even that old! Anyway so out comes my Spray and Wash Dual Power (love it!) and I wash the clothes again.
Does anyone, ANYONE, know whyyyyyyyyyyyy the laundry is torchering me like this? Do the laundry "people" think I have time with 4 kids and a husband to be re washing my clothes? Should doing laundry really be this frustrating? I am losing my mind. I need a vacation.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Slow Days....

I'm feeling almost quilty for not posting in the last week but really there's nothing much to talk about so rather then bore you poor people I thought I'd say nothing at all...But I don't like saying nothing at all as those who know me will agree....Sooo...I'll just bore you instead! Jay took Cameron to his very first hockey game last Tuesday night and it was a defining moment for the father/son relationship....They had a great time and now Daddy is Camerons "best friend". Quite sweet. Cameron got a practise puck, got his mug shot up on the big screen and freaked all the people around him out when he said..."Daddy, I'm going to fro up." After several trips to the bathroom and a couple of "Run to the garbage can" Cameron, I am happy to announce, did not "fro" up. But now he loves hockey and that makes my husband smile. Not that he cares if Cameron likes hockey or not but now they have bonded even more so and that makes us all smile. Those men have to stick together in this house full of girls. I love my boys.